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Introduction of performance characteristics of lightweight castable


In our daily life, we can often see that there are fires in some places, causing huge property losses even casualties. Therefore, more more enterprises use Refractory Castables to build buildings. What are the properties of castables? The following we "about the performance characteristics of lightweight castable" to understand in detail. Gunning material

[what are the properties of castables]

1. Acid resistant castable is a new type of anticorrosive material with strong pre stress, which is composed of potassium silicate as adhesive, inorganic molecular material as curing agent silicate as acid resistant filler. Converter fabric

2. Acid resistant castable has high mechanical strength superior bonding properties, especially in masonry granite, acid resistant ceramic tile, porcelain plate cement adhesion is greater than the matrix.

3. The properties of acid resistant castable are stable in various concentrations of organic acid inorganic acid, especially in dilute acid, industrial water neutral aqueous solution, have high impermeability.

4. Good heat resistance, lining in titanium rotary kiln, service temperature up to 950 ℃ - 1000 ℃.

5. The acid resistant castable adopts non-toxic curing agent, which is non-toxic to operators constructors. It can be used in anti-corrosion engineering of food, medicine other equipment after being identified by the medical health department.

6. The cost of acid resistant castable is lower than that of organic acid resistant castable. It only has the same performance of organic acid corrosion resistance, but also has the unique performance of strong oxidation medium corrosion resistance.

7. Room temperature curing, simple construction, convenient use, easy transportation, moisture-proof storage.

[what are the properties of lightweight castables]


1. The load softening temperature of lightweight castable is the corresponding temperature of different degrees of deformation under the action of high temperature constant load, which is called load softening temperature load softening point for short.

2. High temperature mechanical strength of lightweight castable. The critical stress which can resist the action of external force without damage under high temperature is called high temperature mechanical strength. It is usually expressed by high temperature compressive strength, high temperature flexural strength, high temperature shear strength high temperature torsional strength.

3. High temperature volume stability of lightweight castables. The performance of keeping volume stability at high temperature is called high temperature volume stability. In engineering, the volume stability of refractory brick other products at high temperature is generally expressed by the volume change rate of material reburning the change rate of burning line under no load condition.

4. Thermal shock resistance of lightweight castables. Thermal shock resistance is the ability of refractory brick other products to resist rapid temperature changes without damage. Also known as quench heat resistance, when the temperature changes sharply, it will lead to thermal stress inside the refractory. When the thermal stress exceeds the critical strength of the refractory, the refractory will be destroyed. Generally, it is an unshaped refractory with small linear expansion coefficient large thermal conductivity. It has good thermal shock resistance.



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Address: Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province

Tel: +86-0417-5365999 5365888

Sales Department: +86-0417-5365188

Finance department:+86- 0417-5365288

Technology Department: +86-0417-5365588

Fax: +86-0417-5365239 +86-0417-5365999