Ladle magnesia carbon brick

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Introduction to characteristics of magnesia carbon brick


1. The melting point of high temperature resistant graphite is 3850 ℃± 50 ℃ its boiling point is 4250 ℃. Even if it is burned by ultra-high arc, the mass loss is very small the coefficient of linear expansion is very small. The strength of modifier graphite increases with the increase of temperature. At 2000 ℃, the strength of graphite increases twice as much as that of magnesia carbon brick for converter

2. Conductivity thermal conductivity. The conductivity of graphite is twice as high as that of non-metallic minerals. The thermal conductivity is more than that of steel, iron, lead other metal materials. The thermal conductivity decreases with the increase of temperature. Even at very high temperature, graphite is an insulator.

3. Lubricity. The lubricity of graphite depends on the size of graphite flakes. The larger the scale, the smaller the friction coefficient, the better the lubrication performance


Magnesia carbon brick

4. Chemical stability: graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature. It can resist acid, alkali organic solvent corrosion

5. Plasticity. Graphite has good toughness can be milled into thin sheets.

6. Thermal shock resistance. When graphite is used at high temperature, it can withstand the drastic change of temperature without damage. When the temperature changes suddenly, the volume of graphite changes little no cracks will occur.

Binder plays the role of connecting matrix particles. In the actual production use process, matrix binder system are two weak links of MgO-C brick.



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Address: Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province

Tel: +86-0417-5365999 5365888

Sales Department: +86-0417-5365188

Finance department:+86- 0417-5365288

Technology Department: +86-0417-5365588

Fax: +86-0417-5365239 +86-0417-5365999